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Here is a quick sample of what industry reviewers are already saying about Serpent Stones.

“Serpent Stones is an awesome game for two people under any circumstances, be it waiting for food at a restaurant to having insomnia at 2 am. Add it to your collection if you are in need of more quality two-player games.”

Nicole Kline, Perpetual Geek Machine

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“You might think Reiner Knizia made it and they took his name off because there wasn’t enough math… The art is fun and the design is excellent. If you’re looking for a good two player abstract, you really ought to give this one a shot.”

Matt Drake, Drakes Flames

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“Serpent Stones is simple to learn and strategically complex.”

Trask, Living Dice

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“I enjoyed my time with Serpent Stones as well. It’s quick and easy to play, making “dad” a happy camper during cleanup… those watching that want to play won’t feel left out for long…it’s very easy to fit two or three games in under an hour’s time.”

Vincent Paone, Dad’s Gaming Addiction

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