Serpent Stones Tips and Strategies

Card management can be even more important than positioning on the

• Manage your sacrifices wisely and be careful of your opponent playing multiple Tezcatlipoca Cards.

• Use Quetzalcoatl Cards as often as possible.

Sacrifices are usually best performed when a single empty Serpent Stone separates your serpent chain from your opponent’s. Prepare a sacrifice by playing a Warrior Card face down on Sacrifice Stone One. On the following turn, place the sacrificed Warrior Card on that empty Serpent Stone and finish with a Nahualli Attack.

Nahualli Capture Cards are a quick way to gain ground on the Yaotitlan but can leave you vulnerable to a strike or recapture by your opponent on the next turn.

• The orientation of the Jaguar and Hummingbird Nahualli Cards can be rotated around to maximize the effectiveness of their attack.

• If you can attack your opponent’s serpent chain in more than one location, it is best to attack closest to their Temple Stone. In most cases, this will render a number of your opponent’s Warrior Cards inactive.

• Be careful sacrificing cards that cannot be used. Sacrificed cards that cannot be played when executing a sacrifice must be discarded, unnecessarily reducing the number of cards in your hand.

• If you hold enough cards in your hand, try sacrificing a Nahualli Capture Card. A successfully executed double Nahualli Attack (or even the rare triple Nahualli Attack) can devastate an opponent’s serpent chain in a single turn.

• Do not forget to execute a sacrifice either as unexecuted sacrifice cards must be discarded with no effect.

• Do not forget to draw at the beginning of your turn or you lose that draw.



End of the Fifth Sun – Expansion Pack Tips & Strategies

• You do not have to place a Skull Wall at the beginning of a round.  Use care when selecting a position to place them when starting a round as Skull Walls can be as much an inconvenience to you after you’ve placed one as a barrier against your opponent.

• The Eagle Strike Card is an effective tool to use against an opposing player that like to play defensively and build a significantly large block force on the Yaotitlan.

• The Eagle Strike card is the only card that can potentially strike opposing warrior cards from both of a player’s Keystones in one play.  Counter this devastating Nahualli Strike by a sacrificing a warrior card before its attack.

• The Stop Sacrifice Teotl Card is especially effective when playing the Sacrifice & Hold variant of End of the Fifth Sun.

• You can use the Move Warrior card to ‘retreat’ a warrior one row after the opposing player prepares to perform a sacrifice.  This may cause your opponent to discard the sacrificed card if no play is available.

• If you are out of warrior cards in your hand and need to perform a sacrifice to gain ground on the Yaotitlan, sacrifice a Move Warrior card.  (This can be especially effective if you have inactive warriors on the battlefield.)

• To block an opponent’s pending sacrifice attack, place a Skull Wall on the empty Serpent Stone separating you and your opponent’s Serpent Teams.