Command a Team of Specialized Aztec Warriors.

As head priest of an Aztec warrior house, build a Serpent Team of Eagle and Jaguar Warriors across the Yaotitlan.  Drawing on the power of the Teotl Stones, your warriors can perform Nahualli Spirit Animal attacks against opposing warriors standing in the way of capturing your opponent’s Teotl Stones.  Call upon the gods to assist you in battle, or perform a sacrifice to quickly gain ground against your opponent on the Serpent Stones.



Capture your opponent’s temple stone without running out of cards. 

Game Setup

• Shuffle the Serpent Stones deck and fan out the cards face down in the middle of the game cloth.

• Either player begins by choosing a facedown card. Unless a Warrior Card is drawn, the players alternate choosing a facedown card. The first player to draw any Warrior Card sits on the side of the game board matching that Warrior Card (House of Jaguar or House of Eagle) and becomes the first player for the first round.

• The second player sits on the opposite side of the game board, shuffles the deck thoroughly and deals seven cards to both players. The remaining deck is placed face down on the Draw Stone.

• Both players select and discard two cards from their hand. Each player begins play holding five cards.

• Each player places three Teotl Stones in the center of their Temple Stone. The player representing the House of Eagle places three blue Teotl Stones; the player representing the House of Jaguar places three gray Teotl Stones.


• Serpent Stones Battlefield Game Mat
• Deck of seventy-two (72) cards 

Card Classes

The Serpent Stones deck consists of three (3) card classes:
• Warrior Cards – played on the Yaotitlan and used to build your serpent team.
• Nahualli Cards – attack cards used to strike opposing warriors from the Yaotitlan, or capture them to become part of your serpent team.
• Teotl Cards – give the player some advantage outside the Yaotitlan. 

Game Mechanics

Serpent Stones is played in rounds. Each round is made up of alternating play turns until one player captures one Teotl Stone from their opponent and places it in their Capture Bowl. The loser of the previous round becomes the first player; their opponent shuffles the deck, deals the cards, and a new round begins. This continues until one player captures all three of their opponent’s Teotl Stones, or runs out of cards during game play.

A player’s turn consists of the following:

1. Draw one card.

2. Play (or discard) one card.

If a player has a sacrifice on their Sacrifice Stone(s), they must play (or discard) these cards before playing or discarding a card from their hand.


(Note: If the deck is exhausted during play, the discard pile is reshuffled and placed on the Draw Stone to resume play.)

Sample Game Play

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Game Play Variants

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