He is Tonatiuh*. He is the fifth sun, the sun of movement. He is also Nahui Ollin*, and his time grows short, as does ours here upon this earth.

The gods prepare for his final days. This apocalypse has been foretold to us by the tlamatinime**. It is the time for grand purification and renewal, and balance must be maintained in the universe or our cosmic rebirth will be thrown into discord.
But the gods are uneasy. The greatest threat now lies in the Teotl Stones. Their use by those with impure souls taints teotl, the universal energy at the heart of our transition. The Teotl Stones must be stripped from those who use them recklessly, and only the warriors of the purest spirit can vanquish those from the battlefield to be judged by the gods themselves.

The rival warrior houses of Eagle and Jaguar must continue in ritual combat to appease the gods on the Serpent Stones battlefield. Prove yourself to the gods as you battle your opponent for control of their Teotl Stones and the gods may provide you additional help to use against your opponent when you invoke them.

Call on Xolotl*** to move a stationed warrior to be transported to an alternate serpent stone. Invoke Tlazolteotl*** to stop a sacrifice before an opponent can perform it. Or bring forth Mictlantecuhtli***, the lord of the dead, to strategically place a skull wall on the battlefield to strike terror in the hearts of even the bravest opponent’s warriors.

As the fifth sun sets, the grand renewal of our world can only begin once the Teotl Stones are returned to the gods from a warrior’s hands of the purest spirit. Perhaps then, in our new forms as we enter a higher level of consciousness, we may finally start to comprehend teotl.

*Nahui Ollin and Tonatiuh are both names for the Aztec Sun God. (It’s the End of the Fifth Sun logo, the center image on the Aztec Calendar stone.)
**Tlamatinime = the wise ones (i.e. the Aztec Priests)
***Pronunciation guide for these Teotl (god) cards is on the last page.