Serpent Stones FAQ

What is Serpent Stones?
How do you play?
What is the object?
How much time does it take to play?
What kind of game is Serpent Stones?
Why an Aztec-themed card game?
What are the Serpent Stones?
What do you need to play?
What are the different cards classes, and how do you use them?
Why can’t I play a warrior card on my own temple stone?
Can I play warrior cards on both my Keystones?
Can I attack my opponent's Warrior Cards that are on their Keystones?
What is a sacrifice/double-sacrifice?
What if the deck runs out of cards during a round?
What if you run out of cards in your hand during a round?
What if both keystones are occupied by the opposing player’s warriors?
How does the intermediate variant of Serpent Stones work?
How does the advanced variant of Serpent Stones work?

 End of the Fifth Sun FAQ

What is End of the Fifth Sun?
What is included?
How do you play?
What do you do with the Skull Wall Barrier Tokens?
Why do I remove a Skull Wall card from the deck once I play a skull wall?
What if, during a round, all four Skull Wall Barrier Tokens are used to block a player’s keystones?
Are there additional tips & strategies I can learn for the expansion pack?
How do you play using the sacrifice & hold mechanic?