The Force Discard Card


What does the Force Discard Card do?

Playing a Tezcatlipoca Card forces an opponent to discard a card. The player points to a random card in their opponent’s hand, which the opponent must then discard. This completes the player’s turn.

The Wrath of Tezcatlipoca is a special loss condition. If a Tezcatlipoca Card is played on an opponent who has less than two cards remaining in their hand, regardless of the number of Teotl Stones collected, the player who played the Tezcatlipoca Card declares immediate and complete victory of the match.

How to use Force Discard Card

Teotl Cards are played directly to the discard pile. The player must speak the name of the god aloud to evoke its power. A Teotl Card’s effect is resolved immediately

A player does not have to use a Teotl Card’s effect. It can be discarded without speaking the god’s name to complete a player’s turn.