Serpent Stones

Based on Itzcoatl (Obsidian Serpent) A recently rediscovered 600-year-old Mesoamerican board game.

Legend says the game was inspired by a training exercise where two teams of Aztec Warriors would tether themselves together to form opposing serpent chains’. The two teams would battle in an attempt to create a break in the opposing team’s chain. Another training exercise was reserved only for a special breed of warrior, the Nahualli Warrior. These specially trained warriors were partially trained by the priesthood to learn to harness the power of their Nahualli (their inner animal spirit) specifically for the purposes of combat. Nahualli Warriors were said to be able to control a Nahaulli animal double, project their Nahualli spirit during combat, or even shape-shift into their animal spirit form. Although everyone has only one animal spirit twin, the most powerful Nahualli Warriors were said to be able to travel into the spirit realms while asleep and trap additional spirit animals and use their powers.