Battle and Sacrifice for
the Teotl Stones!

Teotl is everything, and everything is Teotl. It is the ever-present, self-generating and regenerating divine energy of the universe.

Even the all-powerful gods are aspects of it.

Six special stones exist that absorb and hold Teotl in its pure form. You are Tlamatini, master priest of an Aztec warrior house and guardian of one of two Temple Stones, sacred vessels that house the Teotl Stones and channel their power to anyone touching them.

The gods command you to battle the opposing warrior house on the Serpent Stones for control of these Teotl stones.  Without weapons, build a team of specially-trained Aztec warriors that, when tethered to their Temple Stone, can attack opposing warriors that stand in your way by summoning their Nahualli inner-spirit animals.

You may call upon the Gods to assist you in battle, but only strategic mastery and command of the sacrifice can lead you to glorious victory on the Serpent Stones.


The gods prepare for the final days of the fifth sun, the end of time and the start of grand cosmic purification. But the gods are uneasy. The Teotl Stones were their greatest gift to humanity, but abuse of the stones by those corrupted by their power has defiled Teotl and thrown the energy of the universe into discord. The Teotl Stones must be stripped from who abuse them and returned safely to the gods.The gods have summoned you back to the Serpent Stones to test your spirit. Call upon them to aid you in battle as you build your team of Aztec warriors, position a skull wall on the battlefield to hinder your opponent’s Serpent Team, or use your Teotl Stones to attack your opponent’s warriors with the powerful new Nahualli Eagle Strike.Should you emerge victorious, do you have the strength of spirit to return the Teotl Stones the gods, or will you also being corrupted by the power of Teotl?

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Serpent Stones Deck

Warrior Cards, Nahualli (Attack) Cards and Teotl (God) Cards are the three different card classes of SerpentStones.

Click on each card to learn more about it and how to use it in battle!